Alexandre Kirszenberg

Software Engineer interested in Visualization and Artificial Intelligence

Professional experience


Software Engineer, Visualization at Paige
New York City, Paris Mar. 2020 (1 yr. 7 mos.)

Researched and implemented new visualization techniques for gigapixel-large medical images in the browser, using Rust, WebAssembly and WebGL, achieving up to 4x faster user experience. Implemented image container decoding libraries and bindings in Rust, using the PyO3, bindgen, and cxx libraries. Architectured a modern web app in React with a focus on runtime performance and memory consumption.


Software Engineer Intern at Facebook
London Sep. 2018 (4 mos.)

Optimized the startup time of web applications built with the Metro compiler with a state-of-the-art update delivery pipeline, achieving up to 5x speed-up when applying updates on slow connections. Improved the reliability of Hot Module Reloading for React Native.


Teaching Assistant at EPITA
Paris Sep. 2017 (3 yrs.)

Teaching C, C++, Java, SQL, and project management skills to third year students.


Software Engineer Intern at Zenreach
San Francisco May 2017 (4 mos.)

Built new features into the core product's web application. Trained a team of frontend engineers on React best practices and state management solutions.

Software Engineer Intern at Algolia
Paris Jul. 2016 (2 mos.)

Built the core of React InstantSearch, a library for building performant search experiences using Algolia.


Paris January 2018 (2½ yrs.)

Worked on leveraging the theory of Mathematical Morphology within Deep Neural Networks (paper). Also built a Model Checking pipeline for the Go programming language (paper).

Paris Graduated November 2020

Master in Computer Science with a specialization in Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence.

Personal projects

A proxy that dispatches connections to different network interfaces, effectively balancing load across different internet access points.

A Chrome extension that lets you know whenever your friends start writing to you on Facebook.
Read the introductory blog post.

Interests and Miscellaneous Skills